Can You Address Previous Rhinoplasty Mistakes?

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*Individual results may vary.

Sometimes patients are not satisfied with the results of a rhinoplasty in the Miami area. This could be the result of a mistake during the procedure. It could be the result of a surgeon under-estimating the amount of work needed to achieve the states objectives. Or there could be no mistake involved. Sometimes the results just aren’t there.

Fortunately, Dr. Jon Harrell can address your concerns with a secondary rhinoplasty, also known as a revision rhinoplasty. A secondary rhinoplasty is any cosmetic nasal procedure that takes place after a rhinoplasty.

Any rhinoplasty is sensitive, but secondary rhinoplasty is especially common. The nose is fragile, and particularly so after a surgical procedure. Dr. Harrell has decades of experience addressing mistakes such as:

  • Under-correction (lack of change)
  • Trouble breathing
  • Over-correction

We will only perform a secondary rhinoplasty after a thorough examination of the state of your nose and a determination that it can withstand another operation.

If you’re a Miami, Florida resident concerned about the results of a previous rhinoplasty, please contact The Weston Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery today.