What is Otoplasty?

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*Individual results may vary.

Your ears are surprisingly important in shaping people’s impressions of your facial attractiveness. Large or overly prominent ears can distract from your other features. If you’re concerned about this, Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Harrell can perform an otoplasty.

Otoplasty is a procedure in which your ear cartilage is re-shaped in order to form a more attractive, less prominent appearance.

There are generally two groups of patients who come to our Miami plastic surgeon for otoplasty. The first are parents who want to correct deformities or other problems with their children’s ears so that they’re not ridiculed in school. The second are adults who have finally reached a point in their lives where they feel they can correct problems that have always bothered them.

If you’re concerned about your child’s ears, Dr. Harrell will examine them to make sure they’re in the proper state for a reconstructive procedure. And our board-certified Miami plastic surgeon will use his years of experience when performing this safe, common procedure.

If you’re a Miami, Florida area resident considering an otoplasty for you or your child, please contact The Weston Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery today.