Breast Augmentation and Pregnancy

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*Individual results may vary.

Since concerns about the potential for systemic health effects of breast implants surfaced in the 80s and 90s, some women have been concerned that breast augmentation may affect their ability to get pregnant, or to have a healthy, full-term baby. Research has shown that this is an unjustified concern. In 2011 the FDA released its report summarizing the most recent safety data on silicone gel breast implants, and it found that for these implants, like saline breast implants, there was no reason to believe the implants affected fertility or health of the infant.

Another possible concern is whether pregnancy will affect the results of a breast augmentation. They might. During pregnancy, you body undergoes many changes, including changes to the breast. Women without breast implants normally experience swelling, tenderness, and changes to the size, shape, and firmness of breasts after pregnancy. This can occur to women with breast implants as well. However, there’s no way to predict whether this will happen to you. Many women have successful pregnancies and their breast augmentation results look fine afterwards. Others experience sagging or displacement of the implants. Others will see no effects from a first pregnancy, but significant effects from a second.

If you are concerned about the possible impact breast augmentation may have on your ability to get or maintain a pregnancy, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Jon F. Harrell at the Weston Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery near Miami, Florida.