Signs of Breast Augmentation Complications

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When breast augmentation is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Jon Harrell, complications are rare. However, patients should still know the signs of breast augmentation problems so they can be identified as soon as possible if they arise. After your breast surgery is complete, Dr. Harrell will follow up with you to ensure you are healing normally. Any abnormal symptoms will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Infection is a potential complication of all types of surgery. Dr. Harrell strives to avoid this issue by using meticulous surgical techniques and practicing strict sanitation protocols. However, infection can still be contracted during the recovery process if you are not careful to keep your incisions clean. If you have a temperature higher than 101 degrees, this is usually a sign of infection – along with chills, pain, redness, and tenderness of the entire breast.

Other breast augmentation complications include:

  • Capsular contracture – Scar tissue naturally forms around your breast implants after they are placed. This is not a problem unless the scar tissue begins to contract and squeeze the implants. Capsular contracture becomes a problem in around 5% of women.
  • Rupture – When the shell of a breast implant tears, it is termed a “rupture.” Saline breast implant ruptures are obvious, because the salt water solution will quickly leak out and cause the implant to deflate. However, silicone ruptures are more difficult to detect, since the cohesive gel is designed to stay in place. Patients with silicone breast implants should have regular MRIs to detect any potential ruptures.
  • Cosmetic problems – Rippling, bottoming out, and keloids (thick scars) are all potential cosmetic issues that can be reduced through careful foresight and surgical skill. Selecting the right breast implant type, size, incision location, and placement method are all important factors in preventing cosmetic breast augmentation complications.

If you have further questions about breast augmentation complications, please contact us today to schedule a personal consultation with experienced Miami breast surgeon Dr. Jon Harrell. The Weston Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery serves patients in Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Plantation, and Davie, Florida.