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*Individual results may vary.

Combining Multiple Face Lift Procedures

The results of a facelift vary from patient to patient, and not everyone needs the same type of work done. This is one reason Dr. Harrell, our Miami facelift surgeon, offers a variety of surgical procedures designed to work with your own unique facial features. It's an important of Dr. Harrell’s job to listen to what your goals are and recommend the best possible procedure for meeting them.

What Can a Facelift Do for You?

As we grow older,  the signs of aging start to make their appearance. The facial area is where some of the most noticeable aging comes into view. Factors such as genetics, environment, and stress all play a part in the aging process, sometimes accelerating the emergence of deep creases, fine lines, a jowly jawline, and wrinkles. A facelift can help in improving visible signs of aging. For those considering a facelift and residing in Southern Florida, Miami facelift surgeon, Dr. Jon Harrell, has had over 24 years of experience in the industry.

What a Face Lift Treats

A face lift can have a dramatic impact on your appearance, making you look years younger following your procedure. If you experience signs of aging in the facial region such as wrinkles, frown lines, or sagging skin, you may be an ideal candidate for a face lift.

Facelift Recovery

Recovery time after a facelift varies depending on the type of facelift procedure you have performed. In general, you can expect your recovery to take anywhere between one to three weeks. Endoscopic facelift procedures enjoy the shortest recovery time, while a full facelift will generally take the longest. Recovery time for procedures such as a mid facelift or mini facelift will be somewhere in between these two ends of the spectrum.