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Nearly everyone has heard about BOTOX® Cosmetic. Seemingly overnight it revolutionized the way plastic surgeons treat aging of the face.

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If you are bothered by frown lines that seem to be growing deeper with time or if the lines around your eyes, mouth or forehead are causing you to look angry, tired or older than you'd like, then you should consider BOTOX® Cosmetic as an option. Call our Ft. Lauderdale plastic surgeon at (954) 526-0066 to learn more.

How Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Work?

BOTOX Cosmetic is a purified protein manufactured under sterile conditions. When it is injected into one of the small muscles of the face it acts to block the nerve impulses going to that muscle and therefore the muscle remains in a relatively relaxed state depending upon the dose injected.

Because the protein binds very strongly to the muscle receptor it takes usually three to four months before the muscle regains its full ability to contract. At this time it can be injected again to maintain the result. However many patients retreat the areas before full function returns to so as to maintain the results continually.

What Areas/Conditions Can Be Treated With BOTOX Cosmetic?

Glabella - BOTOX Cosmetic was first approved by the FDA for treatment of the glabella which is the area of the forehead located between the eyebrows. Treatment here reduces or eliminates the vertical furrows or wrinkles that many people have between their eyebrows.

The Crow's Feet - Plastic surgeons also use the product to treat wrinkles around the outer portion of the eyes (the crow's feet). This can even extend around to the bottom of the lower eyelid which can then reduce the wrinkling of the lower lids.

The Upper Forehead -The horizontal wrinkles of the forehead can be improved significantly by injections into the frontalis muscle, the muscle responsible for eyebrow elevation.

Nose - Some patients have wrinkles over the side of their nose (the 'bunny' lines). These can be easily corrected by a small amount of BOTOX® Cosmetic over each side of the nose.

Lip Lines - The vertical lines that extend from the lips (smokers' lines) can frequently be significantly improved or even removed by a number of small injections around the upper and/or lower lips.

Prominent Neck Muscles - A number of patients have prominent muscular bands in the front of their neck. A small amount of BOTOX Cosmetic in these muscles can often reduce the prominence of these muscular bands.

Corner of the Mouth- A downward turning of the corner of the mouth may be due to a relative imbalance of the muscles of the mouth. Weakening the muscles that pull the lip down can frequently allow the corner of the mouth to apparently rise up and give a more pleasing appearance to the mouth.

Excessive Sweating - An interesting and very effective use of BOTOX Cosmetic is to reduce and even eliminate axillary (arm pit) sweating. BOTOX Cosmetic does this by blocking the nerve impulses to the sweat glands.

Tension Headaches- Injection of BOTOX Cosmetic into the muscles of the scalp and forehead frequently associated with tension and even migraine headaches can offer significant relief to patients suffering from these conditions.

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Risks and Complications

The most frequent risk in BOTOX Cosmetic injection is minor bruising at the injection site. There is only minimal swelling usually. Occasionally a patient may notice a mild dull discomfort at the injection site for several hours after the treatment.

Some patients may have an inadequate result and may need to return for additional treatment at 1-2 weeks after the original treatment. However, once the optimal dosage has been determined this risk usually ceases to be a concern. Rarely a patient receiving injections over the eyebrow may have weakening of the muscles that lift the eyelid up. This is due to drifting of the product downwards into the eyelid. It is avoided by correct injection and proper post treatment care by the patient. Patients with pre-existing neuromuscular diseases may be at increased risk for systemic symptoms such as difficulty swallowing.

Treatment Intervals

Typically treatments are performed no more often than every three months. Some patients have a longer period of correction and return at four months for follow up treatment.

The Procedure

The areas to be injected are cleaned of make up and any surface dirt and oil. You will be lying down in a comfortable position. Dr. Harrell will inform you of where the injection will be placed and when it will be placed.

Dr. Harrell uses the smallest needles available so discomfort is usually negligible. The procedure takes only several minutes to perform and usually gentle pressure is applied for a short time over the treatment sites to aid the spreading of the BOTOX Cosmetic.

After the Procedure

Dr. Harrell recommends no aerobic or strenuous activity on the day of treatment. The following day all normal activities can be resumed. For patients who bruise easily application of cold compresses on the day of treatment will be helpful in reducing any bruising. 

Dr. Harrell's Qualifications

Dr. Harrell has injected BOTOX Cosmetic since its introduction into aesthetic use. He is a skilled and talented 'injector' and is known for his soft touch and calming bedside manner. His experience translates into better and more natural results with less post treatment bruising. Typically during consultation Dr. Harrell will outline what will and will not work with BOTOX Cosmetic and will discuss optimum dosage of the product. He works very closely with each patient to ensure the best results possible. 

Our Commitment - Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Harrell and the talented staff of The Weston Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery are committed to giving you the best experience possible. Let us show you the positive difference BOTOX Cosmetic and other quality treatments can make in your life. Click the button below and complete our online appointment form, or call (954) 526-0066 to speak to a staff member at our Ft. Lauderdale office.