The Art of Breast Reconstruction

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Of all the procedures that plastic surgeons perform on the breasts, breast reconstruction is quite possibly the most difficult to get “right.” this is because, in most cases, the surgery requires the doctor to either construct a breast “flap” around the implant, or to gradually grow breast tissue with a succession of surgeries. Further procedures like nipple reconstruction bring an additional degree of difficulty.

Before agreeing to a breast reconstruction, you want to make sure your Miami plastic surgeon has:

  • Certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Plenty of experience with breast reconstruction
  • Photographic examples of previous breast reconstructions he has done
  • Good recommendations from previous patients who have been given the procedure
  • A doctor/patient rapport that makes you feel comfortable

For the patient, breast reconstruction can be a long and painful process. It is absolutely vital that you go to a plastic surgeon who has the skill and patience to work with you through this process, and who has the experience that shows evidence of these traits.

It is also important that you have realistic expectations for the procedure. Very rarely will a breast reconstruction perfectly recreate the size and shape of the breast, and it will never feel exactly the same as it did before. But by working in concert with your plastic surgeon and oncologists, you should be able to give yourself the feeling of “wholeness” that many women report upon getting breast reconstruction surgery.

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