Combining Your Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift

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To get the best possible results from breast surgery, you may want to consider getting more than one procedure done. An effective and popular combination is a breast augmentation with a breast lift, which can improve the position and shape of the breast while simultaneously increasing their size.

You may want to consider a combination breast augmentation and breast lift procedure if:

  • Aging has caused your breasts to lose volume and sag
  • Pregnancy and nursing have altered your breasts’ size and shape
  • You are unhappy with the placement and size of your breasts
  • Recent weight loss has left you with excess skin and smaller breasts

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure at our Miami practice among women who want larger and more shapely breasts, but augmentation generally does nothing for the position of the breasts. If your breasts are lower than you like, an augmentation will keep them at that position while making them larger. A breast lift, on the other hand, can reduce sagging and remove excess skin, but may end up reducing the volume of the breast as well.

A combination procedure gives you the best of both worlds, as the augmentation increases the size of your breast while the lift gives you optimal positioning of the breast and nipple. Best of all, the procedure is as safe as it is effective: Studies by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have shown that a combination procedure is just as save as having the two procedures done separately.

A free initial consultation at our Miami plastic surgery center will help you see what the results of a combination procedure will be, and whether or not they align with your plastic surgery goals. To schedule your free consultation with The Weston Center today, call (954) 526-0066 . Dr. Jon Harrell serves patients in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and the surrounding areas.