Will Breast Augmentation Affect Mammograms?

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One frequent concern of patients considering breast augmentation is whether the procedure could affect the accuracy of their mammogram. Many have heard that the silcone or saline in their implants can block some of their breast tissue from view. Breast cancer is a disease that requires frequent testing, as 75% of women who get the disease exhibit no risk factors, so ensuring accurate test results is very important.

The truth is, breast implants can obscure some breast tissue in a mammogram, but that shouldn't prevent your doctor from getting accurate mammogram results. By taking additional images from different angles, it is still possible to fully screen you for breast cancer when you have implants. Research has shown that mammograms are still effective in detecting cancer after breast augmentation surgery. To improve your chances of getting an accurate reading, you should:

  • Inform the doctor performing your mammogram that you have breast implants
  • Consider submuscular placement of your breast implant, which can improve mammogram accuracy
  • Get your mammogram at a facility that sees many patients with breast augmentation
  • Speak to a doctor immediately if you've noticed changes in your breasts

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