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Radiesse® is a popular injectable dermal filler that is very useful in improving a number of conditions seen in the aging face. This product was initially approved as a tissue marker and for injection into the vocal cords. However it was quite evident that it would have a role to play in the treatment of cosmetic problems related to aging.

At The Weston Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Dr. Harrell uses Radiesse® for a number of conditions. He has found it to be relatively long lasting, well tolerated by his patients and it can produce spectacular results in the hands of an expert injector. To learn how this dermal filler might benefit you, please call (954) 526-0066 . Dr. Harrell serves patients in Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida.

What is Radiesse®?

Radiesse® is a sterile mixture of calcium hydroxyapatite suspended in a carrier of colloid, all of which is packaged in a syringe.

How Does Radiesse® Work?

The calcium creates an immediate correction of the volume deficiency and over time collagen is deposited around the calcium. This creates more volume to replace the colloid which is reabsorbed more quickly.

Nasolabial Folds

The deep folds or depressions that many people have extending from their outer nostril down to the corner of their mouth are considered an unwelcome sign of aging and detract from the otherwise normal smooth contour of the cheek where it meets the upper lip. Radiesse® injected into the depressions of the nasolabial folds nicely smoothes the transition from the cheek to the lip, helping to create a youthful mid-face contour.

This procedure effectively reduces the need for surgical procedures such as the mid-face lift or even a face lift. In fact, even when a patient is having a facelift the injection of Radiesse® into the nasolabial folds can significantly improve the final result.


One of the most impressive uses of Radiesse® is in the creation or restoration of mid-face volume, either over the cheek bone prominences themselves or in the area known as the sub-malar area. Many individuals have relative flatness or lack of prominence in the cheek area. This is frequently just their normal anatomy.

However as we age, even individuals who had relatively full cheeks may see a flattening of the cheeks as their skin and subcutaneous tissues thin out and the tissues sag downwards due to the prolonged effects of gravity. Radiesse® can be applied at different layers to round out and 're-inflate'

Temporal Depressions

As we age there can be a variable amount of volume loss in the area just above the cheekbones and just in front of the ears. This area frequently referred to as the temple region, can be significantly rejuvenated by filling in the hollow or depression. This gives the patient an immediate youthful look when the depressions are moderately severe prior to treatment. This is a commonly overlooked area but definitely gives a pleasing result when used in the right patient.

Mandibular Augmentation

Although chin implants come to mind first for chin augmentation, Radiesse® can give a nice result, albeit a temporary one. In addition, filling in the free border of the lower jaw (mandible) can better balance the shape of the face and soften the early appearance of jowls as well as better defining the lower jaw in patients who have rounder cheeks or full necks. This is another area that a trained plastic surgeon can point out to further enhance your overall appearance.

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