How to Research Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeons

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Choosing a Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon is an important decision, and like all important decisions it’s a good idea to thoroughly research the available choices. Fortunately, the internet has made this research easier than ever.

However, the internet, by making research easy, also makes it difficult. Anyone can write anything on the internet, true or not. But that’s no reason to despair. Your computer is still a remarkable tool for researching Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeons.

Dr. Jon Harrell recommends you focus on easily observable evidence, such as:

  • Patient photos: A Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon should include a photo gallery on his website with examples of previous work. These are excellent ways of gaining some insight into the quality of his or her past procedures.
  • Credentials: Doctors have to be honest about their experience and credentials, so it can be almost as useful to look for what a plastic surgeon doesn’t mention as what he does. If the Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon doesn’t mention board certification or calls himself a “cosmetic surgeon” instead of the more official and meaningful “plastic surgeon,” that’s a bad sign.
  • Testimonials: Review sites are great, but they can be manipulated in various ways. Look for patient testimonials on the doctor’s website for insight into the operation of the office.

Of course, the best way of researching a Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon is to actually speak to him.  Arrange a consultation so you can discuss your options and get to know the doctor.

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