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Is Winter a Good Time to Get Plastic Surgery?

It seems as though every spring, you are greeted with a flood of ads telling you to get liposuction or a breast augmentation surgery “just in time for swimsuit season!” These ads always seem to suggest that after a major surgery requiring general anesthetic, you can rest up for a few weeks and be on the beach in no time.

It’s true that many people do have this experience. For others, however, recovery can take longer…possibly long enough to eat into your beach time!

How Old Is Too Old for Plastic Surgery?

Many of our older patients have asked us this question: How old is too old? And while every case is different, we’re happy to tell you that most individuals who want to have plastic surgery can do so, barring any health conditions that may preclude it. To learn more, please contact The Weston Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery at (954) 526-0066 to schedule your consultation with our Miami plastic surgeon.

How Can Plastic Surgery Help After Pregnancy?

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Harrell understands the effects pregnancy can have on your body. While raising a child is a tremendously fulfilling experience, the simple physical and biological facts of pregnancy ensure that many women experience some dissatisfaction with their bodies after going through pregnancy and nursing.

Fortunately, Dr. Harrell has a range of body procedures that can address your areas of concern and restore your body to an aesthetically pleasing state.

How Can I Afford Plastic Surgery?

Miami plastic surgeon Jon Harrell understands that financial concerns are always going to be a factor when considering plastic surgery. However, it’s vital you choose the right plastic surgeon, not the cheapest one. Finding a plastic surgeon with skill and experience might save you the cost of revision surgeries down the road.