5 Reasons to Get Breast Reduction Surgery

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With breast augmentation being the most popular plastic surgery procedure in America, our society would appear to have a fixation on large breasts. But this is far from a universal desire. As any plastic surgeon will be able to tell you, many women visit our offices every year seeking breast reduction surgery. Here are five reasons they do so.

1. Breasts that cause chronic pain and shortness of breath

Having large breasts can be a painful experience. The additional mass on your chest causes the muscles in your lower back and shoulders to flare up, and can even make it difficult to breathe.

2. Breasts that make it difficult to exercise

You may enjoy exercising, but find that activities like jogging are next to impossible if your breasts are too large, even while wearing a sports bra. Large breasts can throw off your balance during exercise and make if painful to perform any activities that involve running or jumping.

3. Difficulty finding bras and clothes that fit

Many fashionable clothes and designer underwear are created for women with a modest bust size and slim frame, and don't fit well or feel comfortable on women with large breasts. If you are in this position, you may feel like the types of clothing you can wear are limited. And even if you find a bra or top that looks good on you, the constant pressure from thin straps and overloaded underwire can cause red marks to appear on your shoulders and underneath your breasts.

4. Risk of long-term back problems

Large breasts tend to pull your shoulders forward and cause the top of your spine to arch. Over time, this can create a permanently slumped posture that makes you look shorter and can create a noticeable "hunch" along the upper spine.

5. Self-confidence from having the body you want

While large breasts may fit some societal idea of what's "attractive," they may not fit your own idea of how you want your body to look. The vast majority of women who get breast reduction surgery become more self-confident and lead happier (and therefore healthier) lives after the procedure. If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your breasts, reduction surgery can make a huge difference!

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