How Will Liposuction Contour My Torso?

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For many men, there may be a hesitation about getting any type of plastic surgery, liposuction, or cosmetic treatment. However, if you are looking to tone and sculpt your body into healthy proportions in the Fort Lauderdale area, then learning about ways that liposuction can contour your torso and other body areas is a great idea.

Our Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Jon Harrell, has over 20 years experience with liposuction techniques and procedures. To be a good candidate for male liposuction, you need to be:

  • a non-smoker
  • at or near your ideal body weight
  • able to commit to the surgery and recovery period time
  • prepared to follow your board-certified plastic surgeon’s recovery plan

During your preliminary consultation with our highly qualified,