Breast Augmentation: How Does Rippling Occur?

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*Individual results may vary.

Sometimes, women will notice wrinkling on the surface of their breast implants. This cosmetic breast augmentation complication is known as “rippling.” In most cases, rippling is only noticeable to the touch, but some women will also experience visible rippling through the skin, which can be even more frustrating.

Several different factors can heighten a patient’s risk of developing rippling, such as:

  • Small original breast size
  • Thin breast tissue
  • Large breast implant size
  • Under-filled saline breast implants

For the most part, rippling can be anticipated and avoided in advance by carefully examining your cosmetic goals, your current breast size, the thickness of your breast tissue, and other factors. During a personal consultation, Dr. Harrell will explain how each of your breast augmentation options may affect your final results.

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