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In addition to the more common procedures such as abdominoplasty and liposuction, there are a number of other procedures designed to correct and improve the shape of the body. These procedures include brachioplasty (arm lift), thigh lifting and buttock lifting. Many of the patients who are good candidates for these procedures have lost a large amount of weight and have excess skin that will simply not contract enough.

Whereas patients with taut and elastic skin are frequently good candidates for liposuction, patients with minimal fat and loose skin are candidates for these procedures that allow for skin removal. If you have lost a significant amount of fat, Dr. Harrell can help you obtain a contour that better fits your new, healthier body.

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Also known as an arm lift, brachioplasty allows your surgeon to design a pattern on the upper arm whereby redundant skin is excised. The incision extends from the underarm area down towards the elbow and is located usually at the back of the arm. The length may vary depending upon the severity of the loose skin.

Contour correction may include liposuction as well and frequently this will allow a shorter incision which can then be camouflaged better by clothing. The visible incision and the resultant scar is the most significant trade off for this procedure. Patients with significant excess of skin are the best candidates for this procedure as they will consider the scar a reasonable trade off for the skin removed.

Thigh and Butt LiftMiami Butt Lift Surgery | Weston Body Contouring Surgeon

After significant weight loss some individuals may have loose skin that simply does not contract enough and leaves them with loose saggy skin which they find unattractive. The inner thighs can be approached many times with an incision hidden in the crease between the thigh and the abdomen (inguinal fold). This improves the upper half of the inner thigh. For more extensive laxity an incision can be made vertically down the inner thigh to remove even more skin. This incision is frequently useful but leaves a conspicuous incision which the patient must accept as a trade off for correction of the loose skin.

Buttock lifting usually involves an incision just below the bathing suit line and allows for lifting of the buttock and a portion of the outer thigh. The incision and resulting scar can be hidden under a bathing suit so it has the benefit of having a more inconspicuous scar*. Fat grafting of the buttocks may be performed at the same setting if desired to create more roundness and a better shape to the buttocks since despite the loose skin most patients have lost the fullness of the buttock which gives it a more pleasing shape.

Weston Back Lift Surgery | Miami Body SurgeonBack Lift

A less performed but nevertheless a good procedure is the back lift. In a female, this area is approached by removing a large crescent of skin from the outer border of the breast to the midline of the back at about the level of the brassiere line where the scar will be hidden. This operation helps to correct the excess skin located over the sides of the torso or flank area*.

Like all of the other various body contouring procedures the main trade off is the incision - which is usually long and may widen or thicken while healing. The more the loose skin is bothering the patient the better the trade off is, and a scar will be a small price to pay for the overall improvement in contour*.

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