Fort Lauderdale Breast Augmentation Infection Risks

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*Individual results may vary.

While not common, it is possible to develop an infection following your Fort Lauderdale breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Jon Harrell is a board-certified plastic surgeon who takes every care to help you avoid infection, but your willingness to closely follow all of his postoperative advice will also play a role.

To help prevent infection following breast augmentation:

  • Keep your incisions covered until Dr. Harrell advises you otherwise
  • Keep your incisions clean
  • Avoid touching or scratching your incisions
  • Do not submerge your breasts in a tub until advised otherwise
  • Do not go swimming for up to six weeks

Dr. Harrell can provide you with additional information prior to your procedure.

When to Contact Dr. Harrell

Following breast augmentation, you should contact Dr. Harrell if you develop symptoms of infection such as:

  • Excessive swelling or inflammation around the incision
  • A fever of 101 or higher develops
  • The skin around your breasts becomes very hot to the touch

Dr. Harrell will work with you before, during, and after your procedure to help ensure your absolute comfort.

If you live in or around Fort Lauderdale and have questions about breast augmentation recovery, please contact the Weston Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Harrell today.