Breastfeeding after Breast Augmentation

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*Individual results may vary.

Problems with breastfeeding after breast augmentation are rare. As part of accepting the risks of the procedure, you should be aware there is a slight risk of problems with breastfeeding, but you should also know:

  • Damage to breast milk ducts from the breast augmentation incision is rare.
  • Loss of nipple sensitivity preventing breastfeeding is a rare complication of breast augmentation.
  • Silicone and saline breast implants have not been shown to pose a risk to a breastfeeding baby.
  • There is no way to know for sure whether you will be able to breastfeed after breast augmentation.

If you are concerned about breastfeeding difficulty after breast augmentation, plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Harrell can discuss surgical options less likely to create these problems, such as avoiding the incision around the nipple, close to the milk ducts. Also, placement of the breast implant behind your muscle instead of in front of it reduces pressure against your mammary glands, which may help you breastfeed successfully.

Some women are unable to breastfeed because of certain breast characteristics. In these situations, breastfeeding is problematic regardless of breast augmentation surgery.

Dr. Harrell can help you decide if breast augmentation is worth the slight risk of breastfeeding problems, or whether it would be better for you to wait until you do not plan to have any more children.

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