What is Ultrasonic Liposuction?

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Ultrasonic liposuction is an excellent option for Miami-area patients looking to remove stubborn deposits of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise. It’s a version of the procedure that allows Dr. Jon Harrell to remove these deposits with less trauma to the surrounding tissue than with the traditional liposuction procedure.

That traditional liposuction is safe and effective, and you won’t have to worry at all if you undergo that procedure. However, ultrasonic liposuction offers a number of advantages you’ll likely enjoy.

In a traditional liposuction, fat cells are removed from the treatment area using a small tube. An anesthestic solution is injected into the area, but the fat itself is still solid when it’s removed.

With ultrasonic liposuction, Dr. Harrell will use safe ultrasound waves to break up and liquify those cells. The fat is then removed in the usual way.

This process causes much less bruising and swelling than the traditional liposuction procedure, and it greatly reduces recovery time. Further more, it presents no additional safety risks to our Miami-area patients.

Dr. Harrell will answer all of your liposuction questions and help if you decide if ultrasonic liposuction is right for you.

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