Sculptra® Facial Filler

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Sculptra® is a unique and an exciting addition to our injectable filler lineup. Sculptra® is unique in that it actually stimulates your body's own collagen production - thereby thickening the skin significantly for a long period of time.

Originally approved by the FDA for the treatment of severe facial 'wasting' seen in some individuals taking antiviral medications - the benefits of using Sculptra® in treating patients with facial aging changes became readily obvious. Indeed the FDA has recently approved the use of Sculptra for elective cosmetic use.

Dr. Harrell has undergone extensive training in the use of Sculptra® and has used it in a number of patients to correct the signs of aging. Sculptra® is only sold to plastic surgeons and dermatologists and even then these physicians must undergo in depth training in the appropriate injection techniques prior to being certified to use the product. Please call our South Florida office near Plantation for more information about treatment with this filler: (954) 526-0066 .

What are the Benefits of Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is one of the few products that actually induce the body to create a large amount of collagen into the areas it has been injected. In addition, Sculptra® boasts the longest correction time of any of the temporary filler substances. The FDA recognizes this and confirms correction times of up to 24 months - virtually twice the length of time associated with other fillers. Injections are associated with minimal discomfort since Sculptra® is injected with local anesthesia. For patients seeking long lasting results and like the idea of a gradual improvement over time, Sculptra® is an appropriate choice.

What are the Disadvantages of Sculptra®?

The main downside to Sculptra® is that since it works by inducing collagen creation, the results take longer to become apparent - typically a month or so. Full correction can take longer but as noted above the results will last much longer than other filler substances. Individuals looking for immediate correction would not find Sculptra® suitable for their needs.

What Areas are Treatable with Sculptra®?

The nasolabial fold (smile lines) is the most commonly treated area. However, Dr. Harrell has had success in restoring lost volume in the cheeks, augmenting the cheek bones, creating a more 'flared' or prominent lower jaw line, and filling in the temporal depressions. Dr. Harrell has also used Sculptra® in performing the 'Liquid Facelift', a procedure that restores lost volume to the face and gives a gentle lift as well.

What is Involved in Receiving Sculptra®?

During the consultation you will be able to tell Dr. Harrell which areas are of concern to you. After he has examined you he will explain all of your options, including which filler substances would be appropriate. Since Sculptra® must be mixed and allowed to stand for at least several hours before using it, a separate appointment is made for the treatment session.

During the treatment session your face will be cleaned and you will have another opportunity to discuss the treatment with Dr. Harrell. Injections are performed with you lying down in a comfortable position. Discomfort is minimal since Sculptra® has local anesthesia added to it. During the treatment, Dr. Harrell will fill in the areas being treated with a special technique that insures the most even distribution of Sculptra®.

After treatment the areas are massaged to further insure smooth distribution of the product. Cold compresses are then used and you will be able to leave. For most patients a second treatment session will be scheduled approximately 3-4 weeks after the first session. At this time, Dr. Harrell will determine how much more product would be appropriate to use. Typically 1-2 additional vials will be used.

Dr. Harrell recommends that patients having filler treatments avoid strenuous or aerobic type activities the day of treatment and if possible even the next day so as to reduce the chance of bruising and to reduce the amount of swelling associated with the treatment.

The most common side effect of all facial injectables is a variable degree of bruising depending upon the amount of product used, the patient's unique blood clotting mechanism and the effects of any medications or herbs the patient may be taking. Swelling is usually minimal.


Sculptra® is a unique filler substance that has unique properties and characteristics that give it several advantages when compared to other temporary dermal fillers. The unique mechanism of inducing collagen production and its prolonged longevity, appeal to patients desiring a long lasting correction and a gradual, more natural improvement in appearance.

Dr. Harrell is a board certified plastic surgeon with over 24 years of experience. He is a master of injectable techniques and approaches each patient's concerns with the eye of an artist.

At The Weston Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, we believe in taking the time to listen to each patient so as to fully understand their concerns and needs. We fully explain your options and recommend the most appropriate treatments. We strive to offer the most up to date, safe and proven techniques for facial and body rejuvenation. Please call (954) 526-0066 or contact us online to schedule an appointment to learn more about Sculptra®. Dr. Harrell welcomes patients from Plantation, Davie, Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and other areas of South Florida.