Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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Breast reconstruction restores your breasts to a more natural and symmetrical form. This breast surgery is most commonly performed on patients who have undergone a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The ultimate goal of any breast reconstruction surgery is to increase your self-confidence and comfort with your new appearance.

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Your Initial Consultation

Breast reconstruction surgery is by its very nature a highly personalized plastic surgery procedure. Not every patient will experience the same results, and you should talk to a doctor about what you can expect from the surgery. The severity of your mastectomy and your overall treatment plan are both major factors.

In general, candidates for breast reconstruction surgery:

  • Are coping well with their diagnosis and treatment
  • Want to restore symmetry to their chest area
  • Do not require additional treatment, like radiation, to the breast area
  • Do not have medical conditions that could slow the healing process
  • Have realistic expectations for the procedure

The technology and techniques for breast reconstruction surgery have improved in recent years, but there are still limits to what even the best plastic surgeon can accomplish. Reconstruction surgery cannot guarantee that the tissue around the implant will regain its old sensitivity, and you may  experience pain or tightness in the chest while you recover from the procedure.

Breast Reconstruction Procedures

One of the most critical decisions to make regarding your procedure is when to get breast reconstruction. You can elect to have reconstruction surgery at the same time as your mastectomy, or you can wait until you have healed and begun to recover from your cancer treatments.

Factors to consider when choosing your reconstruction procedure include:

  • The stage of your breast cancer
  • Your current medical condition
  • Any additional therapies that may be needed to treat your cancer
  • Whether you are having one or both breasts reconstructed
  • Which procedure will fit better with your lifestyle preferences

Immediate breast reconstruction is performed concurrently with the mastectomy. It allows you to go straight to your new implants almost immediately, can decrease the number of surgeries, and often gives you improved cosmetic results. However, it may not be the best option if you are in the middle of your cancer treatment.

Delayed breast reconstruction occurs after you have healed from your mastectomy surgery. It gives you the opportunity to consider all your options and decide what implant options you want on your own schedule, without all the stress that comes from being in the middle of cancer treatment. However, the eventual reconstruction can be more difficult and require more preparation.

Recovery and Aftercare

After any breast implant surgery, it's normal to experience pain and swelling, and breast reconstruction surgery is no exception. Dr. Harrell may give you some medication to help manage the pain. You may also have a tube placed under your skin to drain excess fluid, and a garment to minimize swelling and provide support.

The results of breast reconstruction vary widely from patient to patient, but most people who choose to undergo the surgery are pleased with the results, and happy that they can wear a bathing suit or bra without a prosthesis. You should continue to monitor the health of your breasts after the surgery, as infection is more common among patients who have been through serious cancer treatment. Continue your regular cancer screenings as directed by your oncologist.

Breast Reconstruction in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale

With the right plastic surgeon and a clear plan of action, your breast reconstruction can provide a major boost to your self-confidence and sense of well-being. Dr. Harrell has been performing breast surgery in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami for over 25 years, and his experience in the operating room will help ensure that your breast reconstruction is a positive experience leading to great results.

To schedule a free consultation for your breast reconstruction procedure, contact The Weston Center today through this website or by calling (954) 526-0066 . We serve patients in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and the surrounding areas.