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Ft. Lauderdale Skin Care treatments in a relaxing spa setting

Enhances Your Beauty

As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jon Harrell is continually seeing patients who wish to improve their appearance. For many patients this means 'turning back the clock' and this in turns often means improving the appearance of the skin. Despite the options of surgery and laser skin rejuvenation, Dr. Harrell has found that nothing substitutes for a good Physician Prescribed Skin Care Regimen.  

What this typically means is a skin care system that incorporates a comprehensive approach to skin care. Most of the time it includes products that are only available by prescription as well as integrated high quality products such as cleansers and toners.

Over the years, Dr. Harrell has used a number of different formulations. Currently our office uses the Obagi Skin Care System and products from the SkinCeutical System as well as the organic skin products available through Eminence Skin Care Products. These systems address many of the common concerns our patients present with and have been impressive in their ability to improve skin appearance and health.

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