How Long Does Recovery From a Mommy Makeover Take?

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*Individual results may vary.

Recovery from a mommy makeover varies by woman and depends on your chosen procedures and other factors. Our Miami plastic surgeon can answer your questions.It's difficult to get your pre-baby body back after pregnancy. Your breasts and stomach will never look quite the same after giving birth, but your beautiful child was well worth the sacrifice. You've decided to have a mommy makeover to reverse the effects of pregnancy, but what can you expect during your recovery? There are three stages of recovery ranging from days to weeks to months including:

1. The first 2-3 days. You'll likely need to be on pain medications for the days following your mommy makeover. Make sure you have adequate help at home for you and your children. Consider making and freezing meals ahead of time. If you have a pain pump during your surgery, you may require less medication and feel less discomfort.

2. 4-6 weeks post-op. Avoid strenuous activities and lifting more than 5 pounds—this includes your children—for up to 6 weeks. For breast augmentation, you may be allowed to be more active after 4 weeks, but stay away from twisting and using your core for 6 weeks to recover from the tummy tuck portion.

3. 2-3 months later. After around three months, you will begin to feel like yourself again and should be back to your normal routine. The scars from your plastic surgery should fade within two years.

This recovery timeline varies from woman to woman. Younger women may bounce back sooner, but it also depends on the extent of your mommy makeover. Some women have small breast implants and a mini-tummy tuck, which could lead to a faster recovery.

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