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Find the Right Body Contouring Procedure for You

Few things are more difficult than achieving and maintaining a major weight loss. Our bodies, which are designed to keep us from starving, fight us every step of the way when it comes to depleting their precious fat reserves. Managing to keep that weight off ought to make you look and feel great. However, when you look in the mirror, chances are you see one thing: loose, sagging skin where your fat used to be. While you may be much healthier, you probably would prefer to have skin that actually fits your body!

Body Contouring and Long-Term Weight Management

A newly published study has found that people who undergo body contouring after bariatric surgery are more likely to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) over the long-run. This 15-year study followed a diverse cross-section of men and women who had used bariatric surgery for weight loss – some of whom underwent body contouring procedures such as abdominoplasty and body lift following their weight loss procedure, and some who did not.

Will Body Contouring After Weight Loss Work?

No matter how the pounds have come off – with blood, sweat and tears; or with some anesthesia – you’re now the proud owner of your leaner new silhouette. Feeling lighter and healthier is hard-earned no matter how you’ve done it. There are times, however, when even though you’ve lost the weight and are lighter and healthier, you still have some excess skin from before you began your healthful regimen. That’s where body contouring comes in.