Choosing a Liposuction Surgeon

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*Individual results may vary.

The skill and experience of your liposuction surgeon will have a significant impact on your results. It is important to work with a surgeon who has the qualifications to deliver safe, effective results that look beautiful. The chances of liposuction complications increase substantially when your surgeon does not have the proper background.

You should always have your liposuction procedure performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. This certification ensures your surgeon has completed extensive training in plastic surgery and has passed rigorous exams demonstrating his abilities.

Your surgeon should also have extensive experience performing body contouring procedures, particularly liposuction. A plastic surgeon who focuses on breast surgery may not have the skills necessary to deliver exceptional results in a liposuction procedure. Ask your potential surgeon how many liposuction procedures he has performed as well as what specialized training he has received in performing the liposuction technique being used for your procedure.

A commitment to safety and a track record of delivering beautiful results should also be considerations. Most surgeons recognize that the removal of more than 5 liters of fat during one procedure can dramatically increase the risks of liposuction complications. Make sure your liposuction surgeon considers your safety first and foremost. To evaluate the results you can expect to achieve, ask to view the surgeon’s before and after photos of previous liposuction patients.

Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Harrell has more than 24 years of experience performing liposuction. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and has performed thousands of liposuction procedures during his career. Dr. Harrell is committed to using the safest techniques to deliver the body sculpting results you desire.

Please contact the Weston Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery today to schedule your initial liposuction consultation. Dr. Jon Harrell serves patients in Fort Lauderdale, Weston, and Miami, Florida.