Getting Rid of Puffy Skin Around the Eyes

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Removing Puffy Skin Under the Eyes | Ft. Lauderdale | Dr. Jon HarrellWhile you probably think of your face as having a fairly constant appearance, the truth is that it changes throughout the day, as things like blood circulation and sun exposure subtly alter its appearance. Many of the people who visit the Weston Center’s Miami Med Spa and Skin Care Center come because the changes, such as bags or loose skin appearing under the eyes, are becoming more noticeable.

Your lifestyle choices could be helping to produce puffy or baggy skin under your eyes. Making different choices, like quitting smoking or cutting your alcohol and sodium consumption, may help to reduce their appearance. If they have become highly noticeable, however, you may wish to consider a cosmetic solution.

Skin care solutions for puffy or baggy skin around the eyes may include:

  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Chemical peel
  • Custom skin products

In extreme cases, you may also want to ask Dr. Jon Harrell about getting a blepharoplasty procedure done on your lower eyelids. this will remove excess skin from the eyelids, tightening the skin underneath and helping you to look younger and more energetic.

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