Bottoming Out after Breast Augmentation

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*Individual results may vary.

When breast augmentation results in a displaced breast implant, the complication is sometimes referred to as bottoming out. Bottoming out occurs when the breast implant descends downward, below the crease formed beneath the breast.

This breast augmentation complication is quite obvious and can be devastating. Bottoming out pushes the nipples higher on the breast mound, and often creates the appearance of a second bulge beneath your breast mound.

The risk of bottoming out may be increased by:

  • Relatively heavy breast implant weight, especially in relation to the amount of breast tissue.
  • Placement of the breast implant above the muscle instead of below it.
  • Breast tissue that is relatively thin and unsupportive.
  • Surgical mistake, if the breast augmentation pocket is created poorly.

One way bottoming out can be prevented is by choosing a plastic surgeon who customizes your breast augmentation to your anatomy and breast characteristics. You should also choose an experienced plastic surgeon who has performed the surgery many times.

Bottoming out can typically be corrected with a revision procedure.

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