Chemical Peel

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In this day of high tech lasers and microdermabrasion it may surprise you to know that the chemical peel still is one of the best treatments to aid in getting the smoothest skin with the healthiest glow. Light chemical peels are used by our Aestheticians to take off the outer or superficial layers of the dead skin that becomes thicker as we age. Removing this outer layer gently leaves the smoother skin below and imparts a healthy glow to the skin.

Chemical Peel - Deep:
Chemical Peel - Ft. Lauderdale skin care

Chemical Peel - Medium:
Miami Chemical Peel - Learn about our Skin Care options

Chemical Peel - Superficial:
Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon Dr. Jon Harrell offers Chemical Peels and other non-surgical Skin Care

Physician administered peels can be deeper and are usually performed without anesthesia although some patients like to have a modest degree of sedation. Other than a warm or transient 'burning' sensation there is no discomfort. Peeling after this procedure will be more dramatic and will remove much more of the dull lifeless skin of the upper layers leaving you with noticeably smoother skin. Again, our Aestheticians will work with you to determine what peeling system will work the best for your skin type and your goals.

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