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Obagi Skin Care products - Weston, FLThe Obagi Skin Care System

Dr Zein Obagi is a noted Dermatologist and pioneer in the development of effective skin care products. His company has integrated these products into a comprehensive skin care program designed to treat a wide number of skin conditions.

There are programs for routine maintenance of skin health, programs for correction of color and pigment abnormalities, programs for improvement of acne, roseacea and the skin changes associated with aging.

Our Aestheticians will monitor your treatment and work with you to obtain the best results possible. Whatever you skin care concern we will usually have a specialized program to address your concerns.

If you are interested in taking your skin care to the 'next level,' call our Weston, FL office at (954) 526-0066 and set up an appointment for a skin evaluation and a customized skin care program.

Latisse®: The Recipe for Long, Beautiful Eyelashes

Latisse® is one of those products that has our patients coming back again and again. Originally formulated for ophthalmologic use, it was found to increase the length and thickness of the eyelashes as well as darkening the color of the lashes in many patients. Applied with disposable applicators once a day just before bedtime it has a high success rate in providing longer and thicker lashes that in many cases are strikingly beautiful. Risks and complications are rare and the upside is great - especially for those women with thinning eyelashes.

Latisse® is priced quite attractively and a short course of about 2 months will tell you if you are going to respond well. Risks or complications are rare with correct use of the product. Darkening of the eyelid skin along the lash line may occur and may be due to excessive application of the Latisse®. Additionally the potential for pigment change in the eyes is not likely to occur with proper application of the Latisse®. All your questions can be answered with a complimentary consultation with our licensed Aestheticians.

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