When is the Timing Ideal For Breast Reconstruction?

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For women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer, such as mastectomy, having breast reconstruction can be an important step back to a 'new normal.' Living in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area offers women or men a number of reconstruction options. Breast reconstruction is a type of breast surgery which rebuilds the breast so that it is approximately the same size and shape it was before treatment. 

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What Is the Goal of Breast Reconstruction?

Performed by the right plastic surgeon, breast reconstruction is a breast surgery procedure which offers the following advantages:

  • Regain breast shape permanently
  • Have a balanced chest for bra wearing
  • No need for an external prosthetic

Restoring symmetry between the two breasts is the ultimate objective for any type of reconstructive surgery.

Timing of Reconstruction

Plastic surgery techniques are continually improving. This is good news for breast cancer survivors as the options for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy are multiple. The decision to have a reconstruction is a personal and individual one which should be considered carefully and after consulting with a professional plastic surgeon.

Immediate or Delayed Breast Reconstruction

Immediate breast reconstruction is often started or completed at the same time as the mastectomy. One advantage to this is that the chest tissue is not scarred or altered with radiation.  The timing of this procedure can also mean having less surgery.

Delayed breast reconstruction is when the rebuilding process is begun later on. For some patients, this may be the route to take due to requiring radiation to the chest area after mastectomy.  It allows patients the chance to fully recuperate from radiation before undergoing another surgery.

Factors to consider whether you choose immediate or delayed breast reconstruction include:

  • Your overall health
  • Breast cancer stage
  • Whether or one or both breasts will be reconstructed
  • Type of reconstruction procedure considered

With the right plastic surgeon and a careful consideration of your treatment options, getting reconstructive surgery on one or both breasts can be an affirming and positive solution. Our skilled Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon can recreate natural looking breasts with any type of reconstruction surgery.  

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