Photo Gallery - Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic Surgery in Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Plantation and Davie, Florida

The Photo Gallery includes only photographs of patients on whom Dr. Harrell has operated. In reviewing the photos, remember that variations in lighting and patient positioning can affect the appearance of the image.

With this in mind it is important to realize that these photographs are only intended to illustrate the types of results that are possible and typical with various surgeries. Results in any patient depend upon a number of factors including the skill of the doctor, the active participation and cooperation of the patient as well as the patient's unique anatomy and healing response. No guarantee of results can be made and the photos in the gallery, although typical, are not an exhaustive collection. In general the only alterations that have been made to the photos include removal of identifying tattoos and blemishes.

Many of the photos will have captions to give some detail and background of the patients. We hope you enjoy browsing through the gallery and find it both interesting and informative.

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