Breast Augmentation and Mammograms

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Mammograms are an important way to detect the signs of breast cancer and should be a part of every woman’s regular preventative medical routine. While breast implants often obscure mammogram images and make it more difficult to detect the presence of breast cancer, studies show that they are still an effective way to screen for breast cancer after undergoing breast augmentation.

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Clinical Studies Evaluating Mammograms after Breast Augmentation

Clinical studies have confirmed that breast implants do impact mammogram results. One study found the sensitivity of mammograms to be 45% after breast augmentation compared to 67% for women who do not have breast implants. However, this study also found that tumors were similar in size for women with and without breast implants when detected on mammograms. As a result, the researchers determined that there is a negligible, if any, delay in the detection of breast cancer after breast augmentation. Additionally, breast implants were unlikely to increase the chances of adverse events associated with breast cancer.

These results mirrored those of a larger study evaluating mammogram records in over 13,000 women who had undergone breast augmentation. In this larger study, breast cancer rates and serious breast cancer consequences were comparable for women with and without breast implants.

Tips for Improving Mammogram Effectiveness after Breast Augmentation

There are certain steps you can take to improve the effectiveness of your mammogram after breast augmentation. Your choice of breast implant placement can make a difference. In general, submuscular placement will increase the effectiveness of mammograms compared with subglandular placement.

In addition, the Eklund mammogram technique is an effective way to increase visibility of breast tissue after breast augmentation. However, studies have shown that this technique is considerably more effective with submuscular placement of breast implants.

The following tips will also help ensure you receive the most accurate mammogram results possible:

  • Go to a clinic that has extensive experience performing mammograms on women with breast implants
  • Tell the mammogram technician that you have breast implants prior to the screening to ensure all steps are taken to get the clearest mammogram image possible
  • Ask your doctor about the potential benefits of using digital x-rays instead of traditional x-rays with your mammogram

While there is a very small risk of a breast implant rupture during a mammogram, this should not deter you from going for the screening. The benefits of early detection of breast cancer from a mammogram significantly outweigh the risk of a rupture.

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